synertial IGS Glove

synertial IGS Glove

Accurate hand & finger tracking with no time wasted on set up.

The IGS-Glove is the worlds first Gyro based hand and finger tracking solution. Designed to offer an accurate, easy to use solution to users who need to collect...


simulationdisplays SD-Cobra Curved Display

simulationdisplays SD-Cobra Curved Display


The SD-Cobra Curved Display provides a unique combination of a high quality spherical panoramic display, supporting a single projector, all within a small footprint.

This is a low-cost and feature rich immersive display...


Wireless video kit

Wireless video kit

Free your HMD with the wireless video kit for Head Mounted Displays now available from EST.

Are you feeling limited in your HMD experience by the video cable? Are you tired of worrying about cable management? Stop looking,...


VR Basic Bundle available

VR Basic Bundle

EST introduces the VR Basic Bundle, a comprehensive entry level VR System. It is an ideal solution to get you started in VR, set up research stations for students, or as development stations in addition to your professional VR...


SensAble replaces the Phantom Desktop with the Phantom Desktop-e

SensAble Phantom Desktop

SensAble Group, part of Geopmagic Inc. informed us, that effective now the Phantom Desktop will be replaced by the Phantom Desktop-e. Cosmetically it is exactly the same as the old Phantom Desktop. SensAble has done...


InterSense introduces the InertiaCube4

InterSense InertiaCube4

Continuing the success that has made the InertiaCube family of sensors an industry standard, we are proud to announce the release of the InertiaCube4. Price, Performance and Size have all been improved upon as the...


Arene Tech C-Screen available from EST

Arene Tech C-Screen

The purpose of C-screen© is to combine a large image size, immersion & mobility. “C-screen©” is based on a collapsable hemicylindrical structure, mono projector device, including an optical & digital combination. The...


Polhemus Releases G4 Accessory PowerTRAK 360™,The Handheld Device that Tracks Position and Orientation!

Polhemus PowerTRACK 360

Polhemus, the industry leader in electromagnetic motion tracking, has released the PowerTRAK 360™, a powerful handheld device that's equipped with a user defined button pack. Now, users can achieve 6 Degree-Of-Freedom...


Sensics announces second-generation ultra low-latency HD1080 wireless video link for HMDs

Sensics low latency wireless link for HMDs

New version is the perfect complement to professional HMDs


German Virtual Reality Seminars 2012

WorldViz together with EST is offering the next five day WorldViz Development Seminar for VR Applications to be held April 23rd to April 27th, 2011 at the German WorldViz demo facility near Nuremberg (airport NUE), Bavaria,...


German Virtual Reality Seminar September 2011

WorldViz together with EST is offering the next five day WorldViz Development Seminar for VR Applications to be held September 26th to September 30th, 2011 at the German WorldViz demo facility near Nuremberg (airport NUE),...


Vizard 4 Released

WorldViz Vizard R4

WorldViz announced that Vizard 4 is released. Whether you’re a new user or a seasoned expert, you’ll be amazed by the changes, yet relieved by its familiarity and backward compatibility. Added are exciting new...