Delta™ is advanced comparative software for the Polhemus FastSCAN™ family of handheld laser scanners. Developed to simplify the process of creating surface and volume measurements on complex 3D shapes, Delta works directly with files generated by FastSCAN systems. Delta provides complete workflow solutions to many complex problems.

Powerful and Precise

The groundbreaking Delta software offers a powerful arsenal of features. Delta lets you precisely compare two scans or measure a single scan. After registering two different scans of a surface, Delta can calculate volume differences, distances and displacement maps. With a single scan, it can readily calculate volumes of concavity or convexity using advanced 3D interpolation techniques to create a reference surface. Moreover, Delta can precisely interpolate over defects.

For a specific area of interest, you can define appropriate boundaries in order to calculate volume differences. Cross-sections can also be specified for calculation of linear distances and the display of contours on a selected plane.

Versatile Capabilities
Polhemus Delta Versatile Capabilities
Above is a graphical color map of facial swelling after molar extraction.
Also shown are registration marks.

When used in the medical field, Delta is ideal for such purposes as comparing pre- and post-operative swelling. It also enables measuring physical anomalies such as an ulcer or keloid, to help formulate a treatment plan. For applications such as forensics and archaeology, Delta facilitates precise image cataloging, measurement and analysis.

Intuitive Interface

Delta incorporates a simple and intuitive graphical user interface with easily recognizable button icons and straightforward tools. Dual scan windows facilitate easily making A-B scan comparisons. The interface allows you to determine exactly where landmarks and regions of interest are placed. A separate window located below the main display contains landmark locations and volumes as well as other data.

Delta clearly presents data to help streamline your workflow. Once images are registered, a colored graphical displacement map can be shown on the surface to highlight differences. A color bar to the right of the image correlates to the amount of difference in millimeters.

Delta's interface engine is among the most powerful three dimensional data processing programs ever created. The software can import embedded or user-defined landmarks. Once landmarks are defined, the system performs highly accurate surface registration using proprietary techniques (patents pending). Registration is accomplished quickly and easily using both landmark and surface-based algorithms to ensure the best possible results.

Convenient Output

Delta generates a report in HTML format. It can be printed or viewed using a Web browser. The output report includes any landmarks, volumes and sections that have been defined.

Functionality, ease of use, performance and calculation accuracy make Delta the ultimate solution for recording and analyzing data from multifaceted 3D surfaces. Expand the capabilities of your FastSCAN system with Delta.