Geomagic OpenHaptics® Toolkit

Version 3.0 of the OpenHaptics software development toolkit dramatically simplifies and speeds the touch-enabling of computer applications. Designed to work with Geomagic force-feedback haptic devices, version 3.0 includes the QuickHaptics™ micro API, which enables any professional with even passing familiarity with C++ to quickly and easily add the kinesthetic feel of what users see and/or hear on a computer screen.


QuickHaptics™ Micro API

Write a simple graphic/haptics application using 8 lines of programming code instead of 300! QuickHaptics enables rapid program design and deployment, and is ideal for mash-ups into existing applications, trying out new ideas, and creating haptic examples. Using graphic and haptic function calls that encapsulate the logical steps for typical haptic applications, QuickHaptics makes it incredibly faster and easier to write new haptic applications, or to add haptics to existing applications.

3D Systems Geomagic Quick Haptics Micro API

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