Haption IPP

Based on Haption’s physics simulation technology IPSITM, IPP "Interactive Physics Pack" is a set of Virtools Building Blocks that allow the user to create and play a real-time 3D application with collision detection:

  • IPP Core: enable all the features for real-time interaction with several manipulation devices, with or without force-feedback. IPP Core is the ideal tool for developing complex scenarios of assembly/disassembly, manufacturing processes, operator training, etc.
  • IPP Human: is an add-on to IPP Core for real-time motion of characters in the 3D environment with collision detection. IPP Human complements IPP Core for ergonomic applications.


Interactive Physics Pack is an add-on library for 3DVIA Virtools Dev 5.0/5.1. This add-on consists of 2 sets of Building Blocks (BB): 18 BB for IPP Core and 16 for IPP Human.

IPP Core 3D real-time interactive physics Experience

  • Connect to the IPSI server
  • Manage the simulation: start, stop, pause, resume
  • Manage the type of device:
    • with force-feedback Haption Inca or Able
    • without force-feedback 6D USB mouse from 3DConnexion and Optical Tracking from ART, Motion Analysis, Vicon, XSens, trackd from Mechdyne
    • Supported Gloves : Finger Tracking from ART, Cyberglove from CyberGloves Systems
  • Manage the collision process: attach and detach 3D objects to the manipulation device...
  • IPP Core integrates a building block called “physicalize”, which creates persistent data needed by the collision detection process. Data can be stored on files for fast reloading of the simulation experience. IPP can physicalize any type of 3D data compatible with Virtools (see Virtools for the type of Data).
  • IPP Core provides kinematic constraints between object or between one object and the world: Prismatic, plane, translation, hinge, ball-and-socket, etc.

IPP Human for realtime manikin manipulation

  • Load Virtools Character, and the suit configuration file
  • Manage the Character: calibration, attach, detach
  • Activate the collision detection

Specifications and other information are subject to change without notice.