Haption IPSI for Tecnomatix Process Simulate™

Based on Haption’s physics simulation technology IPSITM, "IPSI for Tecnomatix Process Simulate" is a plug-in for the CAD software Siemens Tecnomatix Process Simulate Version 12. This plug-in is composed of one module.

IPSI4Tecnomatix provides tools for creating an interactive physics simulation session, managing interaction devices, human model animations in real-time, etc.

IPSI4Tecnomatix lets you:

  • Work directly inside Process Simulate without any data conversion
  • Feel contact forces and gravity
  • Animate a manikin with motion-capture devices such as Xsens, ART, Animazoo..
  • Capture and record manikin's postures in real-time
  • Record trajectories and attach them to a device
  • Simulate and feel weight on the tool
  • Perform accessibility testing and visibility studies
  • Attach objects to to the hands of the manikin
  • Control the precision down to sub-millimeter levels
  • Use any kind of haptic device (Virtuose, Inca, Able) and 6D USB mouse from 3Dconnexion
  • Perform ergonomic analysis

Specifications and other information are subject to change without notice.