Haption IPSI for V6 in 3D Experience

IPSI for V6, or simply called IV6, is a new tool enabling interactive Assembly and Maintenance Simulation as well as streaming of Motion Capture data into 3D Experience. It comes in two different modules: Motion Capture for Assembly Simulation and Motion Capture for Human Tasks.

Based on Haption’s physics simulation technology IPSITM, IV6 "IPSI for V6" is a CAAV6-based plug-in for 3D ExperienceTM dedicated to interactive assembly/maintenance simulation and human tasks. It consists in two sets of V6 commands, appearing as two new toolbars: 

  • IV6 MCAS provides tools for creating an interactive physic simulation session, managing interaction devices, changing object properties, etc..
  • IV6 MCHT complements IV6 MCAS with human simulation functionalities, such as calibration, grasping, etc.


Motion Capture for Assembly Simulation is part of the new IV6 system, and is a dedicated focus on interactive Assembly and Maintenance Simulation within 3D Experience software. More than creating physics in your environment, it will also allow you to make use of haptic devices (Virtuose, Inca, Able) right in your working environment.

IV6’s main asset comes from its realistic gesture of body physics, based on Haption’s latest physic simulation technology: IPSI. This add-on provides you with the capabilities to manage interaction between devices and set their properties, while still allowing you to use every base function of 3D Experience. You will be able to experience gravity, feel contact forces, record object motion in tracks, and have a precision up to sub-millimeters level in your very own virtual environment, just a click away from your session. Recreating environments conform to the reality is therefore really simple, and will allow you to do maintenance and assembly studies long before the product is created.

The integration of haptic devices straight into the software will allow you a deep interaction using 6DOF force feedback devices, such as our Virtuose, Inca or Able devices. More than touching the objects, you will feel them: collision on forces and torques, weight capacities, you will have the sensation your 3D mockup is finally in your room.

The simulation’s high performance will allow you to invite your operators from the workshop to ask for their feedback on your simulation, letting you the opportunity to adjust your mockup. You will also be able to provide training, either by giving a freedom into the virtual environment or by applying a certain guidance in the manipulation of the tools.

Motion Capture for Assembly Simulation works with any kind of data from 3D Experience – there is no need of conversion to make it work.

Specifications and other information are subject to change without notice.