About Haption

A spin-off of CEA (French Nuclear Research Agency), HAPTION benefits from results and know-how developed in more than 30 years of research. HAPTION designs, manufactures and sells haptic devices with professional quality, suited to the needs of its customers, both industrial and academic.



Haption Able

The ABLE exoskeleton is a haptic interface for the hand and the arm. Based on the same software and the same API as our other products, it provides from 4 to 7 active degrees-of-freedom.


Scale 1™

Haption Scale 1

The Scale1 is a transparent mobile platform able to carry one or two haptic devices (left and right). The role of the Scale1 is to enlarge the workspace of the existing haptic devices.


Virtuose™ API

Haption Virtuose™ API

The VIRTUOSE API is a low-level driver, giving access to the functionalities embedded in the haptic device (Virtuose, Inca or Able). Its principal role is to implement the UDP communication protocol used for the dialog with the haptic device control software.



Haption IPSI™ SDK

IPSI (Interactive Physics Simulation Interface) is a software library for rigid-body physics simulation with force-feedback developed by Haption in collaboration with CEA LIST. It is the only software technology available on the market today, which is able to carry out a real-time simulation at near-kHz frame rate with very large, non-convex geometries.


Specifications and other information are subject to change without notice.