The Virtuose 6D Desktop is based on the Virtuose 3D desktop. It provides 6 degrees of freedom, with force-feedback on all 6 DOFs.

The structure of the Virtuose 6D Desktop can work in a volume corresponding to a torus with a square section of 20 cm. The center of the square is 30 cm from the base of the device.

Technical Specifications

Workspace in translation 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm
Worskspace in rotation 200° - 90 ° - 200°
Maximum force in translations 10 N
Contininous force in translation 3 N
Maximum torque in rotation 0.4 N.m
Maximum torque in rotation 0.13 N.m
Maximum stiffness in translation 2000 N/m
Maximum stiffness in rotation N.A
Weight balancing Dynamic (software)

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Haption Virtuose 6D Desktop BrochureHaption Virtuose 6D Desktop Brochure


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