The TRACKPACK camera is a good solution for distances up to 3.0 meters.

With the standard 3.5 mm lens a large field of view (FOV) is covered. The maximum frame rate is 60 Hz. Intensity of the built-in IR-flash is adjustable in seven steps. These main functions are controlled via ART´s DTrack2 software. Because of its passive cooling system (without fan), the TRACKPACK camera is also suitable for dirty or noiseless environments.


  • Max. tracking distance: 3.0 m
  • Noiseless, no fan
  • Inbuilt infrared flash (NIR, 850 nm)
  • Modulated flash for active marker synchronization
  • Standard focal length: f = 3.5 mm
  • Standard field of view: 73° x 58°

Technical Data

Measurement Principle infrared optical tracking camera, to work with passive or active markers
IR Source inbuilt IR LED flash, wavelength 850 nm
flash energy adjustable in 7 steps (controlled by software DTrack2)
Performance Frame rate: max. 60 fps (adjustable)
Working distance: up to 3 m with passive markers, depending on marker size
Field of View (FoV)

focal length 2.6 mm - FOV:horiz: 95 deg, vert: 72 deg
focal length 3.5 mm - FOV:horiz: 74 deg, vert: 55 deg

Cable Connections Synchronization/power: RJ 45
Data out: Firewire A (6 pin)
Power Supply Voltage: 12 Volt 
Power consumption: 6 W
Dimensions Size: 77 mm  x 60 mm x 78 mm
Weight: 0,41 kg

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