InertiaCube3 and InertiaCube3 Processor

Precision 3-DOF orientation tracking for mobile applications, and autonomous head and body tracking applications. Interfaces directly to serial port or to an optional dedicated InertiaCube3 Processor. 

The InertiaCube3 (IC3) is designed to meet the demands of a mobile, sourceless, 3-DOF sensor.  With an aluminum package, broader operating temperature range and low power consumption, the InertiaCube3 is ideal for head or body tracking in mobile simulation, training and situational awareness applications. 

InertiaCube3 Features
  • World's smallest inertial orientation reference system (26.2 mm x 39.2 mm x 14.8 mm).
  • Full integration of nine sensing elements ensures maximum accuracy, sensitivity and stability.
  • Sourceless tracking provides full 360º range and eliminates line-of-sight restrictions.
  • MagCal™ software for in-situ static, magnetic field compensation.
  • Monolithic electronic design for superior alignment accuracy.
  • Connects directly to the PC?s RS-232 serial connector or USB port with optional USB adaptor.
  • 180 Hertz update rate eliminates tracker induced lag.
  • Motion prediction, adjustable rotational sensitivity and control of output data filtering allows fine tuning for specific applications.
  • .dll for Windows Vista/XP
  • .so for Linux
  • SDK for Windows and Linux
  • Software libraries support up to 32 sensors simultaneously
  • Windows control and connectivity software provides sensor configuration, network interface and joystick emulation.
  • Supports a standard I2C interface bus allowing custom wireless button, indicator or analog interfaces for OEM applications.
  • Access to MEMS accelerometer, angular rate gyro, and magnetometer sensor data through the InterSense libraries

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InterSense InertiaCube3 and InertiaCube3 Processor