IS-900 SimTracker and VETracker Systems

Precision 6-DOF wide area tracking for immersive displays, simulation & training, cockpit simulators, augmented & mixed reality, virtual prototyping and film/video production. Options include wireless, high precision and lightweight tracking sensors. Supports a standard I2C bus allowing custom button, indicator, or analog interfaces for OEM applications.

The IS-900 product family, based on patented Constellation technology, delivers extremely precise and accurate wide area, interference free head, hand and object tracking for the most demanding immersive 3D applications. From CAVEs, PowerWallsand ImmersaDesks, to rooms, buildings and simulators, the IS-900 product line offers the ideal, precision motion tracking solution for your specific application.

The CAVE is a registered trademark and is owned by the University of Illinois Board of Trustees

InterSense  IS-900 SimTracker and VETracker Systems

Geological data visualization using Inside Reality with IS-900 Wireless Head and Wand Trackers (courtesy of Schlumberger)