InterSense VCam Virtual Camera Tracking System

Revolutionary Previs Technique

Previsualization is revolutionizing the way content is created in feature films & games. Previsualization helps streamline the entire production pipeline, giving directors, producers and VFX supervisors interactive control of the pre and post production pipeline. This simple and completely intuitive technique is provided with a fully integrated solution from InterSense combining our industry standard motion tracking technology with mature and powerful virtual production software.

The InterSense VCam Tracking System enables animated & 3D feature film, game and video productions to increase their productivity, streamline their workflow and lower their production costs.

Greater Creativity & Realism

The InterSense VCam Tracking System provides a simple and natural way to create virtual camera moves with realism from handheld and steady-cam operators. Previsualization of virtual content occurs in real-time, at production resolution, providing the director with flexibility and creativity previously unavailable.

When combining animated or motion captured characters with the 3D scene, the VCam controls the motion, camera angles and point of view for setting shots in a natural and intuitive manner. Direct control of the shot is transferred from the keyboard to the camera giving a virtual production the look and feel of live-action cinematography.

Total Previs Production Solution

VFX supervisors, directors and producers can now save hours in production time by directly scouting virtual shots, or trying multiple camera moves, without key framing or pre-programming camera paths. The VCam System uses InterSense's MicroTrax 6-DOF motion tracking sensors directly integrated into a production camera body with Autodesk MotionBuilder functions mapped to the camera?s interface controls.

A 3-axis analog joystick added to the VCam allows translation, rotation, and scaling of the virtual environment in MotionBuilder to help set-up or scout a virtual shot. Zoom, play, record, jog, scrub and keyframe controls on the VCam transfer total production control to the camera operator. Integrated virtual video and wireless options add additional freedom and flexibility.

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InterSense VCam Virtual Camera Tracking System