Personal Space Station

Personal Space Technologies PSS

An Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

PS-Tech revolutionizes today's way of data analysis through innovation.

Personal Space Technologies PSS
  • Complete yet customizable
  • Dedicated industry solutions (e.g. medical, scientific, industrial design)
  • 3D interaction combined with a 2D interface
  • Viewing and interaction expandable to external screens
  • Turn-key system, easy to use
  • Extensive 3rd-party application support (via VRPN and trackd)
Personal Space Technologies PSS Description

The Personal Space Station (PSS) is a complete desktop virtual reality system for easy and intuitive analysis of 3D and 4D (3D + time) data.
The user looks at the screen via a mirror. This enables the user to bring his hands into the same environment as the virtual 3D-objects without interrupting the visual image. The user is invited to grab, hold and interact with the data using highly accurate wireless optical tracking technology. Interaction controllers are used to position an object in 3D with six degrees of freedom.