PATRIOT™ Wireless

The PATRIOT™ WIRELESS represents a whole new dimension in affordable tracking technology, one that offers a totally wireless, full 6 Degree-Of-Freedom (6DOF) solution. The system has speed, ease-of-use via an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), and is capable of tracking up to four independent markers. PATRIOT WIRELESS offers increased stability and provides consistent high quality data, all while being completely untethered.

Polhemus PATRIOT Wireless

Each wireless Marker comes standard with replaceable and rechargeable lithium battery assembly.  For ultimate versatility, Markers are also available with an optional power pack adapter which provides flying power leads for integration into your existing power source.

The Forerunner in Wireless Tracking Technology

PATRIOT WIRELESS is a true wireless tracking system. The system is capable of tracking up to four markers for full 6DOF solutions over large areas. Each marker is tracked in space by a sensor receptor that covers an eight foot (2.43m) diameter.

Easy, Intuitive User Interface

PATRIOT WIRELESS comes standard with Windows™ 2000/XP/Vista GUI and a comprehensive, easy to use Software Developers Kit (SDK). The GUI allows four independent user definable profiles for setting system parameters such as filtering, output formats, coordinate rotations and much more. This is a valuable feature for multiple applications or users. For visualization, an integrated motion box provides navigable points of view and can include text data. Additional features include a data record/playback component, plus the ability to quickly export data via Microsoft "Named Pipe."

AC Magnetics: Increased Stability, Resolution, Speed and Range

Incorporating state of the art Digital Signal Processor (DSP) electronics in concert with AC magnetics provides the user with increased range, stability, resolution and speed. The system is essentially unaffected by facility power grids or electric power motors and update rates are always maintained, allowing for consistent, high quality data.

Degree-Of-Freedom 6DOF
Number of Sensors Wireless Marker's 1-4
Update Rate 50 Hz per Marker
Latency Approximately 20 milliseconds
Resolution Position at 12 inches (30cm) range 0.0015in 0.038cm
Resolution Orientation 0.003°
Range from Standard TX2 Source See Graph below
Interface RS-232 or USB (both included)
Host OS compatability GUI/SDK 2000/XP
Polhemus PATRIOT Wireless Graph
Marker-Receptor Range (Feet) Position Resolution (Inches) Orientation Resolution (Degrees)
2 0.006 0.021
4 0.109 0.296
6 0.537 0.864
8 1.608 2.534
10 6.195 6.356