Vicon Bonita

Affordable motion capture for any application.

The Bonita Optical family of cameras combine the benefits of affordable motion capture with the reliability that comes with Vicon’s three decades of experience. Bonita’s speed, flexibility and affordability redefine the possibilities of motion capture.

You don't have to choose between performance and price with the Bonita Optical motion capture range.



With its high resolution, quality optics and sophisticated algorithms, Bonita’s 1 megapixel camera, the B10, captures with precision, down to 0.5mm of translation and 0.5 degrees of rotation in a 4m x 4m volume using 9mm markers.


Capture speeds of up to 250 fps with the B10 and 240 fps with the B3, means you can easily and precisely capture the movements of fast moving objects.


The beauty of the compact Bonita camera is you can mount them anywhere. With its variable focal length lens and single cable Ethernet connection, it’s easy to optimize your set up. From the foot well of a car, to a complex virtual reality CAVE environment, you won’t lose performance with Bonita.


Some motion capture systems have a reputation for being hard to set up. Not with Bonita. Just like its big brother T-series, Bonita uses a single cable to provide everything it needs – power, data and synchronization. Calibrate and start streaming data in less than 2 minutes.


Ergonomics. Training. Injury prevention. Synthetic environments. Static facial capture. Immersive reality. Virtual prototyping. Simulation. Visualization. Animation. Gait analysis. Sports biomechanics. Animal studies. Rehabilitation. Virtual camera tracking.


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