WorldViz PPT Marker ID

Rechargeable motion capture targets for the PPT motion tracking system product series. The active ID targets are a useful add-on for simulating real-time avatar motion.

  • PPT Studio 2013 supports up to 32 individual markers simultaneously with IDs 1 to 32
  • The set of unique IDs can be either detected automatically by the system or manually specified by the user
  • Changes to the marker set (e.g. marker exchanged by one with a different ID) require a reinitialization of the markerID plug-in

New for Marker ID 2014

  • uses the same “universal board” model as the WorldViz Eyes and WorldViz Wireless Wand
  • USB recharging
  • programmable via our Windows configuration app
  • motion detection for automatic shut off
  • momentary switch for on/off, mode, and programming
  • screw mount on bottom
  • available strap mounts
  • smaller and lighter

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Specifications and other information are subject to change without notice.