WorldViz PPT Eyes

Eyes 2014 is a small, super lightweight, wireless motion tracker you can mount onto any commercially available pair of 3D glasses. When used in conjunction with WorldViz PPT motion capture systems, users are able to navigate CAVE™, Powerwall™ and other projection based display systems without the bulk or clutter of transmitters, clips or cables.

PPTEyes Integration with Active/Passive Stereo Glasses

Top and front mounted on “Simple blue”, “NuVision”, NVIDIA”, and “CrystalEyes”.

New Features: Eyes 2014

  • power button is on top for easy reach
  • the outside case is imprinted with LED1:L and LED2:R for clarity with ID codes



Eyes 2014 is an optical motion tracking solution based on two active LEDs mounted in line with the user’s pupils. With this simple yet elegant solution, the user’s stereoscopic perspective is captured providing a complete motion tracking solution for standard 3D visualization engines, including the WorldViz Vizard VR toolkit. An ideal solution in metallic environments where magnetic or inertial systems tend to fail.


With a battery endurance of more than 24 hours, and a range of 15 meters, users appreciate the freedom and comfort of a true wireless solution.


Eyes 2014 can be factory or self-mounted onto all commercially available passive and active 3D glasses.

Intelligent Sleep Mode

Eyes 2014 will automatically go to sleep mode if not moved for 30 seconds, and turn off after 10 minutes to save on battery power. Also, you can switch between USB charge mode and USB power mode.


You can easily reprogram most Eyes 2013 settings via a simple Windows application by connecting your device to a computer via Micro USB port:

  • Sleep mode and turn-off timer
  • LED IDs
  • LED light intensity


Compatible with TrackD, VRPN, and WorldViz native PPT protocol, PPTEyes is ready to connect to your own application no matter what platform you develop on.


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Specifications and other information are subject to change without notice.