PPT Wand

Interaction Wand for Virtual Reality

Interaction adds life to every virtual reality application and makes it feel real. The WorldViz Wand 2013 will enhance your virtual reality experience. Use the 6DoF wireless Wand 2013 for easy interaction and navigation in immersive virtual reality systems like Multiscreen Projection, Powerwall and head-mounted displays.

The PPTWand is a wireless 6DOF handheld input device for use with a CAVE, Powerwall or other immersive virtual reality systems, allowing for navigation and interaction in the virtual environment.

Single Handed Control

The Wand 2013 is lightweight and fits comfortably in your hand, placing a joystick at your fingertips, a trigger, and 5 intuitive buttons for sightless operation.



Wand 2013 is based on the same technology as our PPT X and PPT E series motion tracking systems. It provides unmatched accuracy as well as smooth and robust tracking even during the most rigorous motions.


With a battery endurance of 8 hours (rechargeable), a range of more than 20 meters, and no sacrifice to performance, this is wireless at its best.


The ergonomic one-handed design, vibrant button touch, and a multitude of input modes lets our wand adapt easily to your application (rather than the other way around) and become a workhorse input device to your users.

Intelligent Sleep Mode

Wand 2013 will automatically go to sleep mode if not moved for one minute, and turn off after 10 minutes to save on battery power. Also, you can switch between USB charge mode and USB power mode.


You can easily reprogram most Wand 2013 settings via a simple Windows application, connecting your device to your computer via Micro USB port:

  • Sleep mode and turn-off timer
  • LED IDs
  • LED light intensity

Also, all Wand 2013 buttons can easily be reprogrammed in the Vizard software toolkit.

Compatible with TrackD, VRPN, and WorldViz native PPT protocol, this device is ready to connect to your own application no matter what platform you develop on.

Technical Specifications
Degrees of Freedom 6 (X, Y, Z, yaw, pitch, roll)
Angular Range Full 360 deg – all axes
Precision Position: < 0.25 millimeters over 3 x 3 x 3 m volume
Rotation: 0.03 deg
Accuracy Position: <0.25 centimeter over 3 x 3 x 3 m volume
Rotation: 1 deg RMS yaw, .25 deg RMS in pitch & roll
Update rate 180 Hz (PPT E series)
Latency 20 ms (PPT E series)
Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Endurance: 8 hours typical usage
Intelligent sleep mode after 30sec
Weight 196g
Dimensions 239mm x 65mm x 110mm
LED mode Passive & Active (PPT Marker ID)
Protocols TrackD, VRPN, PPT Studio 2010