PPT X - Economical Performance

Wide-area Optical Motion Tracking
Worldviz PPT X tracking area

PPT (Precision Position Tracking) solutions break the cost-performance barrier, bringing customers high-quality optical motion tracking to cover very wide ranges (more than 50 x 50 meters) at competitive prices. And the PPT product family continues to grow, bringing more functionality and ease of use to new and existing customers alike. As a real-time system, you get to see tracking results the instant a subject performs a motion. With the system’s power and ease of integration with existing real-time rendering tools, the PPT is an ideal solution for real-time applications such as Virtual Reality.

Optimized for Virtual Reality Applications
Worldviz PPT X Cave Apartment

PPT tracks large areas (more than 50 x 50 meters) while maintaining high precision and accuracy. It presents excellent value for the real-time demands of immersive virtual reality applications. When combined with an off-the-shelf inertial orientation tracker, a PPT hybrid system provides 6DOF motion tracking with unparalleled performance and at an unbeatable price. Experience what you have been missing, start tracking wide areas today!

Calibration: Easy as one, two, three
Worldviz PPT X calibration rig

WorldViz uses a high-speed technique that allows users to calibration systems in mere minutes. With the sensors oriented in any way that optimizes your tracking volume, a small four-point calibration board is used for accurately defining the entire tracking volume and XYZ coordinate system. Since the PPT systems use factory calibrated lenses, you never need to be concerned about obtaining a satisfactory sensor linearization and you can rest assured that your workspace will calibrate quickly and robustly.

How does it work?

Optical sensors mounted in the corners of a room track active LED markers. As sensors make their way through the room, the sensors acquire data. Through rapid processing, the sensors’ data are converted to the accurate three-dimensional location of the markers.

WorldViz PPT X cameras
  • Camera range up to 15 meters **
  • Instant calibration
  • Fully wireless targets
  • Portable: 8 sensors in 1 briefcase
  • Up to 8 optical sensors*
  • Sub-millimeter precision
  • Full 3DOF position tracking, or 6DOF position and orientation with optional sensor cubes
  • Less than 20 milliseconds latency
  • Easy installation
  • Resilience to metallic interference
  • No strobe lights needed
  • Competitive price

(*) Actual update rate depends on the number of targets and number of cameras. Please contact WorldViz for details on this tradeoff
(**) For a marker to be tracked, it must be visible by two or more cameras. Overall tracking space dimensions are determined by the camera range, camera layout, and background lighting

Sensor type CCD
Degrees of freedom 3DOF position - standard optical only / 6DOF incl orientation - with optional sensor
Maximum camera range 15 meters *
Suggested tracking space 10 x 10 x 10 meters *
Number of targets Up to eight independent 3DOF bodies
Precision < 1 millimeter over 3 x 3 x 3 m volume - optical sensor is 1:20,000 arc at 75% rms
Accuracy < 0.5 centimeter over 3 x 3 x 3 m volume
Field of view 68 degrees horizontal (Std)
88 degrees horizontal (Wide)
Calibration Less than one minute using digital calibration rig
Update rate 60 Hz
Minimum latency 18 milliseconds
Interface RS-232, 115.2 kbs, streamed or polled
Ambient conditions Indoor fluorescent only
Size & weight Processor 420 x 370 x 180 mm (10 kg)
Size & weight Sensors 160 x 70 x 60 mm (500 g)
Size & weight Targets 3 x 3 x 5 mm (2 g)
Software support Directly connect to WorldViz Vizard VR toolkit, dll for Windows, C source library for Linux

(*) For a marker to be tracked, it must be visible by two or more cameras. Overall tracking space dimensions are determined by the camera range, camera layout, and background lighting