PPT - Precision Position Tracker

All PPT (Precision Position Tracking) systems offer remarkable long-range virtual reality tracking based on the time-proven 6DOF optical-inertial motion tracking and deliver affordable solutions for demanding immersive virtual reality applications.

PPT system with 4 cameras can track spaces as large as 25 x 25 meters, and by adding more cameras you can track spaces as large as 50 x 50 meters or more.

Included PPT Studio 2013 software offers the industry's fasted calibration and most intuitive user inverface making your Vizard-based or 3rd party 3D visual simulation that much more effective.

Wand & Eyes

These virtual reality tracking peripherals are ideal for precise viewpoint control and intuitive hand interaction in CAVE™ or Powerwall™ display systems.

NEW! Wand is a rugged universal interaction device for navigating and manipulating the virtual scene and virtual objects. Used as a standalone device or in conjunction with the Vizard 3D software platform, this is a device your users will appreciate.

NEW! Eyes is the world’s lightest-weight and most reliable tracking system for  updating users’ point-of-view (PoV) in conjunction with a CAVE™ or Powerwall™ display system.