Projection Systems - Immersice Display Group

Immersive Display Group ImmersaPod 2.0

ImmersaPod 2.0

One of the most popular products, the ImmersaPod, never ceases to please it's users. Originally created for use as a flight & driving simulator, the ImmersaPod naturally evolved into a 3D immersive viewing environment for a host of varying projects and uses. <more>

Immersive Display Group ImmersaDome


The ImmersaDome is suitable for public display use & provides outstanding immersive viewing with a bright, clear display. <more>

Immersive Display Group OmniBrite Series

OmniBrite Series

The OmniBrite series is a unique hemispherical (half-sphere) display made from rigid specially coated acrylic. It is designed to be used as a 3D virtual billboard and can be viewed in any light condition. It's uses include set design, advertising displays, education, point of sale kiosks or as a 3D advertising billboard. <more>

Immersive Display Group OmniBrite Revo

OmniBrite Revo

The OmniBrite Revo is a hardshell 360°, 3D audio visual billboard. This brand new revolutionary product makes the perfect addition to any corporate environment & can be used for interal advertising, as a global information board or as a centre piece for any office design. as part of set designs, and in education. <more>

Immersive Display Group ImmersaWorld


The ImmersaWorld is a portable and fully inflatable immersive planetarium and cinema solution. Ideal for public display or exhibitions and with a rapid set-up feature, the ImmersaWorld is the ideal solution for capturing larger audiences with amazing graphics and unrivalled projection.  <more>