• The MotionMonitor

    Innovative Sports Training The Motion Monitor

    The MotionMonitor is a turn-key 3-D motion capture system designed to synchronously collect data from kinematic trackers, EMG, force plates, hand transducers, EEG, digital video, event markers and other analog devices, virtual reality, and haptic devices.

  • The MotionMonitor® Features

    The MotionMonitor® Features

    The most advanced data acquisition, analysis and visualization system in the market place provides precise measurement of human motion.

  • Integrated Systems

    Innovative Sports Training The Motion Monitor Integrated Systems

    Let our Client Support Engineers help you configure a fully integrated system to meet your special requirements. The MotionMonitor® system arrives fully integrated to include all necessary hardware systems and software modules.

  • Software Modules

    Innovative Sports Training The Motion Monitor Software Modules

    The MotionMonitor® Acquisition, Visualization & Biomechanical Analysis Software is the basic software engine driving the products.

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