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    About Ascension

    Ascension Technology Corporation is a world-class manufacturer of electromagnetic tracking systems for the medical OEM and medical simulation markets. Ascension got its start in the military training market, developing head tracking technology for tactical aircraft simulators.

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  • Ascension trakSTAR / driveBAY

    trakSTAR / driveBAY

    Integrate electromagnetic tracking unit into your simulation systems for 6DOF tracking of sensors with no line-of-sight requirements.

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  • Ascension 3DG Sensors

    3D Guidance 6DOF Sensors

    The 6DOF sensors come in a variety of sizes including the general purpose reference sensor that consists of an 8 mm square cross-section down to 0.56 mm diameter cylindrical sensor for use in the smallest tools.

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  • Ascension 3DG Transmitters

    3D Guidance Transmitters

    Electromagnetic transmitters that establish tracking volumes for the driveBAY™ and trakSTAR™ tracking systems.

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  • Discontinued:

  • Ascension spotLIGHT


    The spotLIGHT™ real-time IR motion capture camera system provides wireless real-time 6DoF tracking of motion throughout a very large measurement volume. Designed for expansive tracking applications in Military Simulation and Biomechanics Research, the spotLIGHT camera provides exceptional resolution and range and a wide field of view that captures the most subtle and precise of movements.

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  • Ascension Flock of Birds

    Flock of Birds®

    The Flock is Ascension's most popular tracker. Researchers, developers and end-users alike use it in all real-time visualization and interactive applications.

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  • Ascension laserBIRD 2

    laserBIRD 2

    A precise optical tracker for the most demanding tracking environments. Designed for head and object tracking in simulator, emmiters and 3D visualization applications. laserBIRD 2 continuously scans the work space enabling its sensor to instantly sense emitted laser beams.

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  • Ascension MotionSTAR


    Affordable, tethered tracker for capturing human motions. Developed with animators world-wide, MotionSTAR is a "turn-key" motion-capture solution when purchased with appropriate animation software and workstation. It comes in a fully-integrated enclosure with a fast Ethernet interface to your computer.

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