About InterSense

InterSense line of products are market leaders in precision motion technology, including inertial tracking and sensor fusion solutions.

Founded in 1996 by Eric Foxlin, InterSense began as a commercial extension of Eric’s pioneering research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has grown into a leading technology supplier with a consistent track-record of innovation and a portfolio of patented products. In 2011, InterSense was acquired by Gentex Corporation. And in 2012, Thales acquired Visionix and InterSense Business Units from Gentex Corporation. Industry leading InterSense trackers and sensors are now part of Thales Visionix, a wholly owned subsidiary of Thales Defense & Security, Inc.

InterSense line of products include ultra-miniature, low-power sensors and flexible software and the groundbreaking NavChip, the world’s smallest IMU. These solutions are used worldwide to deploy high performance tracking, navigation, visualization and stabilization applications that save lives, improve productivity and conserve resources.

InterSense trackers, sensors and IMUs are used in a wide range of industries from aerospace, robotics, and agriculture to oil/mining, research/engineering and visualization/visual production industries. In addition to a marquis customer base including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, L-3 Communications, Rockwell Collins, Procter & Gamble, Ford, Sony Entertainment, Pixar, Blizzard Entertainment, QinetiQ, and iRobot, InterSense trackers and sensors also works with a global network of software partners, systems integrators, value added resellers and OEM hardware partners to deliver solutions tailored to meet customer needs.