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    About Force Dimension

    Founded in 2001 with the support and expertise of Switzerland's leading R&D facilities, Force Dimension has more than a decade of first-hand haptic technology expertise.

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  • Force Dimension Omega.3


    The omega.3 combines performance and design into one of the most accomplished haptic solutions ever built. The high-precision 3 degrees-of-freedom kinematics interface features its own real-time embedded controller into a single package, adding to its versatility.

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  • Force Dimension Omega.6


    The omega.6 further enhances the capabilities of the omega.3 base by introducing a high-precision pen-shaped end-effector to accurately capture the orientation of the hand.

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  • Force Dimension Omega.7


    The omega.7 is possibly the world's most advanced desktop 7-dof haptic interface. Built on the versatile omega.3 base, the omega.7 introduces high precision active grasping capabilities with orientation sensing.

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  • Force Dimension Haptic SDK

    Haptic SDK

    The Haptic SDK is the software interface for all Force Dimension products. It enables users to easily add haptic capability to their application by hiding all the complexity of haptic device programming. With the Haptic SDK, programmers only need to add a few lines of C/C++ to their code to take full advantage of the Force Dimension haptic device high-fidelity force rendering.

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