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    About PS-Tech

    PS-Tech offers pre calibrated optical tracking systems for industrial, academic and medical applications. Whether you are a researcher looking for a single ‘plug and play’ tracker or want to have your own custom solution as an OEM, PS-Tech is your technology provider.

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  • PS-Tech PST Base

    PST Base

    With a base line of just 20 cm and minimal tracking distance of only 20 cm, the PST Base series is designed for those users that need to start tracking between 20 cm and 3 m. The PST Base is the ideal solution for tracking on a desktop or in simulators (e.g. car, flight and surgical simulators / navigators).

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  • PS-Tech PST Base HD

    PST Base HD

    The PST Base HD is the premium version of the near field optical tracker PST Base. It is specially designed to track in desktop or simulator setup with high precision.

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  • PS-Tech PST IRIS


    The PST Iris series has the largest tracking range of the PST tracking family.

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  • PS-Tech PST Iris HD

    PST Iris HD

    The PST Iris HD is the premium version of the PST Iris optical tracker. It is equipped with 2 HD cameras that provide an even wider measurement volume and high precision 6 DoF tracking. The resolution and the refresh rate of the PST Iris HD can be adjusted to enable highly accurate tracking in almost any setup.

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  • PS-Tech PST PICO


    The PST Pico is the smallest member of the PST tracking family.

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  • Discontinued:

  • PS-Tech Space Wand

    Space Wand

    The 3D Controller Space Wand is a complete low cost alternative for optical tracked interaction devices in virtual reality environments.

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  • PS-Tech PST 55/110


    The PST 55 and PST 110 are optical measurement/tracking systems that measures the 3D positions of either active or passive markers affixed to objects. Using this information, each PST-55/110 is able to determine the position and orientation of marked devices within a specific measurement volume.

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