NaturalPoint OptiTrack Motive

OptiTrack’s new software platform incorporates their finest engineering into a unified architecture that is flexible and powerful enough to tackle even the most ambitious optical tracking applications.

OptiTrack Motive:Tracker


Engineered to track objects in 6DoF with exacting precision—with support for real-time and offline workflows—Motive:Tracker is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding engineering and research applications.


OptiTrack Motive:BodyMotive:Body

Motive:Body offers uncommonly simple workflows and impeccable body tracking data, including precision finger tracking in large volumes with high subject counts—perfect for indie studios and AAA production houses alike.



  Body & Prop Mocap Facial Mocap Rigid Body Tracking Reference Video File Export Network Streaming
Motive:Tracker No No Yes Yes C3D, CSV NatNet/VRPN/Trackd
Motive:Body Yes No Yes Yes BVH, C3D, FBX NatNet
Expression No Yes Yes Yes C3D, FBX (opticals only) NatNet


OptiTrack Motive QuickStart GuideOptiTrack Motive QuickStart Guide

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