Innovative Sports Training The Motion Monitor Integrated Systems

Let our Client Support Engineers help you configure a fully integrated system to meet your special requirements. The MotionMonitor® system arrives fully integrated to include all necessary hardware systems and software modules.

Here's the process:

  1. First and most importantly, we discuss your application specifications and requirements.
  2. We establish which configuration of The MotionMonitor® Base Unit is ideal for your needs, including the essential software modules.
  3. Next, the appropriate kinematic tracking system (electro-magnetic or optical) for your application is determined.
  4. Peripheral systems such as EMG, force plates or eye-trackers necessary to accomplish your unique goals are added.
  5. Additional components such as event markers and quick release cuffs for ease in subject setup and data collection are considered.
  6. A quotation for this fully integrated, turn-key system is then provided and includes on-site installation and training to facilitate data collection and the 1st year of our Maintenance, Subscription and Support program with unlimited phone, web and email support.

Systems are designed to be "seamlessly upgradeable". This allows you to start small and build on your existing MotionMonitor® system. Furthermore, we'd be happy to integrate your existing hardware components with one of our Base Units in order to achieve a turn-key system.

The pictures on this page demonstrate the range of complexity, flexibility and mobility possible with The MotionMonitor® integrated systems.

TMM Turnkey Systems

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