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    About Sensics

    Dating back to the late 1990’s, Sensics has been developing and manufacturing high-performance VR products long before VR was fashionable or popular. They wanted to enable their customers to deliver the virtual reality experiences they were dreaming about. There has never been a shortage of ideas on what people want to achieve, but the devices that could be used to display the VR content were not compelling: resolution was low, they lacked a ‘panoramic’ view and so forth.

  • Sensics zSight


    The zSight™ is a professional HMD with high-resolution OLED displays, comfortable and lightweight packaging, low power consumption and integrated tracker, stereo audio and microphone.

  • Sensics dSight


    The dSight™ uses dual 1080p flat-panel displays and designer optics to provide a superb, high-definition visual experience, unlike any other product on the market.

  • Sensics zSight 1920

    zSight™ 1920

    The zSight-1920™ provides 1920×1080 OLED pixels per eye, very high pixel density, superb low-distortion optics, generous eye relief and eye box.

  • Sensics zSight 810 ruggedized

    zSight™ 810 ruggedized

    The zSight 810 is ideal for training and simulation applications that are performed in rugged conditions. It meets Mil-810-G specifications for shock, vibration, humidity, extended temperature, driving rain and more. The zSight 810 includes high-resolution SXGA OLED displays, superb optics with large eye relief and eyebox, integrated motion tracking, microphone and audio. It can be mounted on a wide range of helmets.

  • Sensics Wireless Video Link

    HD1080 Wireless Video Link

    Sensics believes that head-mounted displays need not be tied with a cable to a computer. To realize this vision, they offer a wireless video link that is optimized for virtual reality: low-latency, high-definition, and supports in-band transmission of head tracking data. 1080p video @ 60 FPS is supported with less than 1 mSec of latency.

  • Sensics Augmented-reality add-on

    Augmented-reality add-on

    Sensics offers a high-performance augmented reality solution that combines high-quality video feeds with computer generated imagery. This solution is offered for all Sensics HMDs.

  • Sensics Tiled Displays

    Tiled Displays

    Tiled displays use a microdisplay array, coupled with a patented optical design that combines the individual displays into one large nearly-seamless wrap-around image. Each display has a different orientation, forming a concave arrangement that wraps around the eye, and projecting a different perspective of the scene to be viewed. The net result is a true feeling of 3D immersion.

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