Eyeware Gazesense

Eyeware is a Swiss computer vision company based in Martigny that develops eye tracking software for cars, smartphones, laptops and more. They enable attention sensing for a wide range of applications, including driver monitoring, gaming and shopper research.

Synertial ExoGlove

Reserve your limited seat for this exclusive keynote webinar and demonstration of the new EXO GLOVE that includes 30 minutes of live Q & A with the EXO GLOVE developer and godfather of inertial motion capture, Ali Kord, and developer of the PSH plugin Peter Skorik PhD.

Polhemus VIPER

The Ultra-Fast, Customizable Motion Tracking System -- with Latency as Low as One Millisecond

OptiTrack PrimeX camera series

OptiTrack released the new PrimeX camera series, replacing all Primes : PrimeX13, PrimeX13W, PrimeX22 and PrimeX41

WorldViz Vizard

1. Make sure that your Oculus software on your PC is up to date, as well as the firmware on the Quest itself.

OptiTrack Motive 2.0 Beta

With an expanded feature set and redesigned user interface, Motive 2.0 advances its precision human and object tracking capabilities across VR, animation, movement sciences and robotics applications. Notable new features include: Continuous Calibration, active marker and active rigid-body based skeleton tracking, AMTI Genlock sync support, and new system latency metrics for better data analysis.

WorldViz Vizible

WorldViz is excited to share more details about our VR sales communication solution, previously codenamed “Project Skofield”. As of today, the solution will officially be branded Vizible™. 


Polhemus, the global leader in precision motion tracking, has released a Unity® scripts package for use with its motion tracking products. The package will enhance capabilities for current and future users of Polhemus motion tracking systems, creating an additional development tool for customers to explore more possibilities via integration with Unity projects.


Polhemus, the global leader in precision motion tracking and portable, fast, 3D scanning announces the latest digital laser scanner is now available. FastSCAN II creates real-time 3D images with the simple sweep of a wand.

TEA Captiv

TEA offers a comprehensive range of solutions for the analysis of human behaviour.

Polhemus G4 Micro Sensor 1.8

Polhemus, the global industry leader in motion tracking, announces Micro Sensor 1.8™ Extra Flex Sensors are now available for the Polhemus wearable G4™ motion tracking system.

WorldViz Vizard

The Vizard 5.2 VR software toolkit has been updated with new features and bug fixes. Vizard now comes with a cluster master option to automatically sync resources with clients.

OptiTrack Motive

OptiTrack released the new version of their Motive Software platform. Tailored to meet the needs of the world’s most ambitious production studios and research facilities, Motive combines the best features from our past software offerings with a host of new ones designed to deliver simpler setup, larger volumes, and cleaner data.


Polhemus is pleased to inform you that the FASTSCAN™ family is transitioning to a next generation product that will be made available very soon (more details to follow).

Polhemus is phasing out Cobra C1™, limited inventory remains, and when that is depleted, no more orders for C1 will be accepted.

The next generation scanner, FASTSCAN II™, will be available late summer, 2015. Brochures, market restrictions to be shared soon.

OptiTrack Biomechanics

OptiTrack offers a blend of performance and usability that produces high-precision, biomechanically-relevant motion capture data via workflows that are unprecedented in their simplicity.

PS-Tech PST Base

PST Base compact bar tracker characteristics:  Minimum tracking distance 20 cm, maximum tracking distance at least 3 m.

The optical tracker PST Base tracks complex shaped objects, convex or concave.

InertialLabs OS3DM

Inertial Labs provides industry leading inertial orientation solutions with an uncompromising focus on products that represent the smallest size and lowest cost alternatives for their given class of performance.

Polhemus MICRO SENSOR 1.8™

The Micro Sensor 1.8 is one of the latest breakthroughs from Polhemus, the leaders in motion measurement innovation. This 6DOF (6 Degree-Of-Freedom) micro sensor tracking element utilizes Polhemus proprietary AC electromagnetic technology, weighs in at less than a gram, and measures only 1.8 millimeters in OD (outer diameter). Small and lightweight, it packs an enormous amount of capability into its small size and provides both position and orientation data, at speeds up to 240Hz (frames of data per second).

NaturalPoint OptiTrack

OptiTrack™ is the largest motion capture provider in the world, offering high-performance optical tracking at the most affordable prices in the industry. The OptiTrack product line includes motion capture software and high-speed tracking cameras, as well as contract engineering services. Used by facilities worldwide in a variety of markets ranging from film and games to sports training and biomechanics, OptiTrack customers include the top in their respective fields.

NVIS nVisor SX111

NVIS announced that they will discontinue production of the nVisor SX111 on December 31st, 2014. All warranties and extended warranties will be honoured through their term and out of warranty repairs will be available through the end of 2016. All repairs beyond that date will be handled on a case by case basis.

WorldViz Vizard

Vizard 5, packed with exciting new features and capabilities, is now available for immediate download.

Cybermind is now Cinoptics

As of September 1st 2014, Cybermind Interactive Nederland introduces its new corporate identity: Cinoptics. Since its founding in 1997, the company has evolved into a full-fledged international player in the field of Professional Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies in a range of application areas.


ARTTRACK5 is the next generation of ART's ARTTRACK camera family, the standard for immersive 3D applications in industry and research.

Ergoneers D-Lab

D-Lab is your powerful, all-purpose tool for synchronous data capture and analysis for user and behavior studies. You can combine its measurement and analysis modules flexibly, enabling you to tailor D-Lab to your exact requirements. It supports you throughout your whole testing process – from test planning and synchronous data capture through to results analysis and visualization.

VROOM Virtual Training

Two years in the making, first of its kind, and based on the powerful VIZARD 3D rendering engine, the award winning VROOM toolkit lets CAD users develop immersive training programs with easy-to-use visual programming. Start interacting with your CAD data on a human scale.

Carl Zeiss cinemizer OLED

The new cinemizer OLED virtual reality video glasses from Carl Zeiss combine three-dimensional movie enjoyment with brilliant image quality and outstanding stereo sound. The cinemizer OLED 3D glasses project a 40” image in the glasses, creating a movie-theater atmosphere. Immerse yourself in a fantastic new world – wherever you are!

WorldViz PPT

WorldViz announced three new PPT motion tracking product releases:

PPT Studio 2013: Your powerful motion tracking software control center with many performance and feature improvements.

Brother AirScouter

AiRScouter from Brother is a head-mounted, see-through type display that allows images from computers and smartphones to be viewed by the wearer. Images appear as if they were in front of the user. The technology includes a high-definition liquid crystal panel, with mirror reflected light making the image visible, as if they were shown on the translucent display.

Brother OmniJoin

OmniJoin web and video conferencing for business allows you to share and collaborate on documents and hold secure, reliable boardroom quality meetings online with multi-screens in HD video and crystal-clear VoIP audio.

Meeting clients and colleagues has never been so simple. Connect with just a click on your computer and get everyone around the table. It's effective, cost-efficient and easy.

zSpace System

z Space is a revolutionary 24" tablet display with passive circular 120 Hz stereo 3D polarization technology capable displaying flicker-free Full-HD Resolution without Shutterglasses. It includes an integrated optical tracking system for the users view and a 6DOF Stylus for intuitively manipulation and navigation.

synerial IGS-Glove

Accurate hand & finger tracking with no time wasted on set up.

The IGS-Glove is the worlds first Gyro based hand and finger tracking solution. Designed to offer an accurate, easy to use solution to users who need to collect hand and finger movement for their research, animation, ergonomics or simulation projects.

SensAble Phantom Desktop

SensAble Group, part of Geopmagic Inc. informed us, that effective now the Phantom Desktop will be replaced by the Phantom Desktop-e. Cosmetically it is exactly the same as the old Phantom Desktop. SensAble has done extensive field tests with the new device and could not find any performance differences between the two versions.

InterSense InertiaCube4

Continuing the success that has made the InertiaCube family of sensors an industry standard, we are proud to announce the release of the InertiaCube4.

Polhemus POWERTRAK 360

Polhemus, the industry leader in electromagnetic motion tracking, has released the PowerTRAK 360™, a powerful handheld device that's equipped with a user defined button pack. Now, users can achieve 6 Degree-Of-Freedom tracking in the palm of their hand. PowerTRAK 360 is an accessory for G4, the latest wireless motion tracking system by Polhemus.

Sensics Wireless Video Link

Sensics, the professional HMD company and inventor of the SmartGoggles, announced today that it is shipping the second generation of an ultra low-latency, HD1080 wireless video link that is specifically optimized for head mounted displays.

WorldViz Vizard

WorldViz announced that Vizard 4 is released. Whether you’re a new user or a seasoned expert, you’ll be amazed by the changes, yet relieved by its familiarity and backward compatibility. Added are exciting new features such as a visual model Inspector, single-machine clustering for multi-GPU support, a built-in webserver for interaction over mobile devices, and support for many new VR peripherals. Techies will be pleased to learn that Vizard now sports Python 2.7 and OpenSceneGraph 2.9.

Polhemus G4

Polhemus is raising the bar in wireless 6 Degree-Of-Freedom motion tracking technology by launching G4—the next generation of AC electromagnetic technology. With superior performance, wireless communication, scalability and a compact design, G4 creates new possibilities in the area of motion capture, to include research and technology, military applications, and the health care field.

InterSense InertiaCubeBT

InterSense is pleased to introduce their newest product, the InertiaCube BT™ orientation sensor. Expanding the capabilities of the industry leading InertiaCube product family, the InertiaCube BT sensor features full 360° sourceless tracking via Bluetooth® interface and an integrated rechargeable battery.

CyberGlove Systems CyberGlove III

CyberGlove Systems (CGS) is pleased to announce their latest hardware product, Mocap Glove wireless data glove for high-accuracy joint-angle measurements. It offers the same accuracy and repeatability as the CyberGlove II with up to 22 data points. Users can count on the repeatability, dependability, and robust design... low breakage has been proven with CyberGlove products for the past 20 years.

Trivisio Colibri wireless

Triviso Prototyping GmbH, today announced the availability of the COLIBRI-Wireless Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).

It carries 3-axis state-of-art sensors to measure acceleration, angular rate and magnetic field. A built-in temperature sensor helps to eliminate temperature influences on sensors.

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