Polhemus Releases VIPER™

The Ultra-Fast, Customizable Motion Tracking System — with Latency as Low as One Millisecond

COLCHESTER, VT— Polhemus, the global leader in motion tracking, releases VIPER™, a break-through product for the motion tracking industry. VIPER is a customizable, high-speed, electromagnetic tracker with update rates up to 960Hz. Boasting latency as low as one millisecond, VIPER provides up to 16 separate tracking points, and taps proprietary smart sensing technology that’s never been possible before. The sophisticated tracking system sports a compact SEU (System Electronics Unit), power-packed with special features, capable of tracking through walls, people, and objects.

The VIPER system is customizable based on the user’s tracking needs. With three SEU configurations to choose from, multiple sensor options, and scalability that increases tracking range, many markets will benefit. VIPER provides new, robust motion tracking solutions for manufacturing, immersive leisure, automotive environments, and virtual and augmented reality applications.

The system’s smart sensing technology, FTT® (Fly True Technology), is a special feature that can be toggled on and off, and used only if the environment calls for it, furthering its capabilities.

According to Skip Rodgers, Polhemus President, “VIPER is a game changer for the healthcare market, due to small sensor size and feature-rich, high-quality tracking. In particular, the medical device market will benefit greatly from VIPER’s capability and performance.”

VIPER provides new solutions for training and simulation, as well as clinical applications, including image-guided surgery, laparoscopic surgery, endoscopy and much more.

VIPER will also enhance military and civil defense markets in the area of training and simulation, especially for scalable areas of coverage and applications that call for both high accuracy and ultra-low latency. University and research markets will also benefit, including biomechanics, neuroscience, and research efforts requiring high-precision tracking solutions with increased coverage area.

More information can be found here. Please contact us for any questions.

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