ImmersaSim 270

The new ImmersaSim 270 provides a powerful yet portable display solution truly unique in the sim racing and flying sectors. By offering an uninterrupted and distortion free view spanning 270 degrees horizontal, over twice that of most VR headsets, an unparalleled sense of realism may be experienced, where the virtual world is all encompassing.

Unlike triple monitor displays that are flat, the dome surface is optimized to display simulation content. There are no bezels to break the flow, no discrepancies to viewing angle and most importantly no difference in eye point viewing distance over the entire screen surface. The scene therefore remains naturally in focus at all times, such that your attention may shift rapidly without effort, vital in fast paced Motorsport or air combat.

Unlike VR there is no lens distortion, no central sweet spot and far greater horizontal FOV. This translates to less head movement, since everything is sharp and displayed as a whole. You may sense a challenging car fast on your inside or glimpse around the next hairpin without restriction, without compromise.

To ensure the viewing experience is optimal, NVIDIA Quadro RTX hardware is partnered with specialist warping software. This helps enables triple screen games or multi-frustum simulations to be rendered with perfect geometry. During install our expert technicians apply years of experience to so that everything in the virtual world appears exactly where it should be, as seen from the cockpit or drivers seat

Our gaming projectors utilize DLP technology which inherently does not succumb to motion blur. Input lag of just 8.3ms takes the thrill of racing and flying instantly to the next level. Without the typical barriers that break immersion, and without anything strapped to your head, you quickly lose sight of the screen as your focus lies on the virtual world beyond.

Specifications Summary
  • Screen shape tailored to display triple frustum simulation with no loss or distortion.
  • Viewable area equivalent to 3 x 92” 16:9 format screens viewed at just over a meter away
  • 270-degree horizontal field of view with up to 60 degrees vertical (+30/-30)
  • 3 x 1080p projectors provide 5 megapixel approx, or 2.5 times Full HD.
  • 2120mm Internal Diameter, perfect for cockpit, motion rig, even a spectator or passenger.
  • External dimensions approx. 2.2m wide and tall to fit into a standard room.
  • Media Server running NVIDIA Quadro RTX and Windows 10 for performance and compatibility.
  • Optimised for triple screen racing and flight sims with multi view port rendering without plugins.
  • Compatible with Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2, iRacing and many more.
  • Portable and Lightweight system with stackable panels.
  • Automatic warping and blending solution that uses a fixed camera with one-click re-calibration.
  • Rigid canopy keeps projectors external to limit heat, glare, fan noise and ambient light.

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