Cobra180 Venom ®


The Cobra180® is the big brother of the existing product Cobra150®. This unit combines a 2.1m diameter panorama dome screen delivering 180 degree horizontal and 80 degree vertical fields of view. Constructed from dual-skin GRP giving it both strength and aesthetic appeal with an embedded aluminium frame to ensure strength during transportation and retaining strength when the GRP screen is custom cut to fit around a cockpit or a driver cabin.

The Cobra180® is designed to meet the demands of both traditional and emerging solutions. It provides compliant visuals for typical FNTP2 fixed wing and rotary simulators and realistic minimal-footprint immersive visuals for ‘head out’ driver simulators while also supporting the increasing use of simulation for ground force training.

Field of view180° HFOV x 80° VFOVUsing a single projector this high fidelity display has a 180° horizontal and 80° vertical field of view.
3 in 1 hood
Dual air disperse channelsFor front vented projectors the hood has two 90° air disperse channels either side of the lens hole. Hot air is safely re-directed toward the ceiling keeping the user comfortable during operation.
Ambient light coverThe elegant molded top serves as an ambient light cover for the panodome screen, helping projected images retain good contrast and colour.
Protect against dustThe hood provides a cocoon to house the first surface mirror optics within giving additional protecting from dust, airborn particles and damage.
Warping softwareCobra True Dimension ®The standard version of our software comes bundled with your Cobra150 Venom®, saving you additional license fees for other after market, complex warping software solutions which are designed for multichannel installations. (compatible with Win10 64bit – IG required).

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