Interactive Fitting for Catia™

Based on Haption’s physics engine IPSITM, IFC “Interactive Fitting for Catia” is a CAAV5 plug-in for Catia V5TM dedicated to interactive assembly/maintenance simulation. The plugin consists in two new toolbars within Catia V5:

  • IFC Core provides tools to create an interactive physic scene
  • IFC Human complements IFC Core with manikin functionalities
IFC Core:
  • Works with any kind of Catia data: CatPart, CGR, STP, …
  • Allows to see and feel collisions
  • Records object motion as Catia tracks
  • Load kinematic constraints from V5 mechanisms
  • Control the precision down to sub-millimeter levels
  • Use any kind of Haption haptic device, tracking system (ART, Motion Analysis, VICON, XSens trackd), 6D USB mouse from 3Dconnexion
IFC Human:
  • Transfers the geometry and kinematics of a V5 manikin into a physics manikin
  • Animates the V5 manikin in real-time
  • Computes collisions in real-time
  • Attaches haptic devices to the hand of the V5 manikin
  • Controls all segments of the V5 manikin using a full-body tracking system
  • Controls of the manikin’s hands using data gloves
  • Records in real time the motion of the V5 manikin in an XML file
  • Replays the motion with or without collision

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