Polhemus Announces Release of FastSCAN II

Polhemus, the global leader in precision motion tracking and portable, fast, 3D scanning announces the latest digital laser scanner is now available. FastSCAN II creates real-time 3D images with the simple sweep of a wand.

The highly portable scanner is lightweight, quick and easy to set up, and captures 3D images in real time. Set up takes less than two minutes and the handheld wand scans complex objects in a matter of seconds.

FastSCAN II is a product of ARANZ Medical Limited, that like its predecessor, the original FastSCAN, projects a fan of laser light on an object while the camera views the laser to record cross-sectional depth profiles. The tracking aspect is achieved through embedded Polhemus proprietary electromagnetic motion tracking technology, which determines position and orientation of the wand. The included software is sophisticated, yet intuitive and easy to learn. FastSCAN II brings scanning portability to a whole new level with an optional rechargeable battery that allows you to scan on the go all day.

The original FastSCAN technology was a major breakthrough for the orthotics and prosthetics market, eliminating the need for plaster and making the process for creating orthotics cleaner, fast, and simple. FastSCAN II offers these same capabilities, but with a modern, sleek design, bundled with a lighter weight and a lighter price. Its ability to scan quickly and easily, coupled with portability, makes FastSCAN II ideal for additional markets, including: surgical planning, forensics, rapid prototyping, industrial and scientific research, animation, woodworking, millwork, agricultural studies, archaeology, and 3D archiving.

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