Unity Plugin


Track anything—in 3D or VR

OptiTrack’s free Unity game engine integration connects your virtual objects and characters to their real-world counterparts. Easily attach markers to any physical prop to instantly create a VR motion controller, then use it to drive the position and orientation of any Unity GameObject. The positions of the markers are drawn in the editor viewport to help you quickly align your art assets. Tracking data is streamed from the Motive software to one or more participating client applications using the NatNet protocol.

High performance for demanding VR applications

Carefully tuned C# code allocates no ‘garbage’ after initialization. Leveraging our mature NatNetLib native library, the managed code layer remains open and flexible, while the heavy lifting is done in optimized C++ code – helping you to make your framerate targets.

Warehouse-scale VR headset tracking

OptiTrack’s world-class optical tracking data is fused with the inertial sensors built into the HMD to produce outstanding results in an area of virtually any size and scope

Real-time full body animation retargeting

Thanks to the powerful Mecanim retargeting solution built into Unity, your full body skeletal motion capture data can be used to animate any bipedal virtual character in real-time.

Camera SDK
Camera SDK

Full camera control, access to 2D object data, camera syncronization, and comprehensive vector tracking – a complete assortment of tools…

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