3D Guidance®

Tool Navigation with Electromagnetic Tracking Technology

The 3D Guidance® electromagnetic tracking solution delivers exceptional performance and value for OEM image-guided interventional and therapy systems and medical trainers that require real-time navigation tracking capabilities.

The 3D Guidance solution tracks 6DOF sensors that can be embedded into OEM instruments such as ultrasound probes, rigid and flexible scopes, and laparoscopic tools. Continuous in-vivo tracking is maintained through difficult anatomy, even when sensors are out of sight. Low latency and fast update rates ensure the most subtle tool movements are instantly tracked and visualized within the OEM host interface.

The 3D Guidance solution is available in the driveBAY™ and trakSTAR™ configurations, as based on the Electronics Unit. The trakSTAR is a standalone desktop unit that connects to a direct power source. The smaller driveBAY fits inside the drive bay of a computer, OEM imaging cart, or medical trainer/simulator, using the host’s power supply. Both share the same tracking accuracy and reliability. The ready-to-use configuration facilitates cost-effective integration and speeds time to market.

3D Guidance Core Components

The 3D Guidance® product suite utilizes three main components consisting of the electronics unit, sensors, and transmitter. Together they allow for the most subtle of tool movements to be instantly tracked and visualized within the simulation or training interface.

3D Guidance trakSTAR™

Calculates sensor tracking data as positions and rotational matrix and interfaces with the host application. The trakSTAR is a desktop electronics unit with an integrated power supply that can track up to four 6DOF sensors simultaneously.*

Dimensions: 290 mm x 184 mm x 64 mm
Weight: 1.31 kg

3D Guidance driveBAY™

Calculates sensor tracking data as positions and rotational matrix and interfaces with the host application. The driveBAY is an embedded electronics unit that fits into the drive bay of a PC chassis, drawing power from the host. It can track up to four 6DOF sensors simultaneously.*

Dimensions: 180 mm x 147 mm x 41 mm
Weight (enclosed format): 0.84 kg

Mid-Range or Short-Range Transmitter

Emits a low-intensity, time-varying EM field that establishes the measurement volume in combination with the sensor.

Dimensions (for MRT): 96 x 96 x 96 mm
Weight (for MRT): 2.3 kg


Consists of a set of small coils in which small currents (signals) are induced when the sensor enters the EM field. The sensor acts as a localization point within the measurement volume. Sensors come fully assembled and ready-to-use; they’re wired with connectors and pre-characterized.

Number of Standard Sensors: 5 6DOF
Maximum Number of Tracked Sensors: 4 6DOF per trakSTAR unit (up to 32 sensors)

3D Guidance Technical Specifications​Your Attractive Heading
Accuracy – 6DOF Sensor
Position1.40 mm RMS1.40 mm RMS
Orientation0.50° RMS0.50° RMS
Number of SensorsFour (4) 6DOF per unit (up to 32 sensors)Four (4) 6DOF per unit (up to 8 sensors)
Measurement Rate80 Hz default; user-configurable from 20-255 Hz80 Hz default; user-configurable from 20-255 Hz
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions290 x 184 x 64 mm180 x 147 x 41 mm (Fits a 5.25-inch PC drive bay)
Weight1.31 kg0.84 kg
Power & Interface
Power100-240 VAC, 50/60 HzMolex Power Connector; +12 V: 1.6A nominal, 2.9 A maximum; +5 V: 600 mA nominal

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