Professional Motion Capture Software

PhaseSpace’s software wrangles the complexities of motion capture. Calibrate, Pair Devices, and Define Rigid Bodies and you’re ready for showtime. We make it easy.

Master Client

PhaseSpace Master connects Hardware to Software. You’ll use it to calibrate your volume, define tracked objects, and connect to external apps like MotionBuilder.

Configuration Manager

This is the main interface for setup and remote monitoring your PhaseSpace system. Configuration Manager runs in any browser, like Firefox or Chrome, on your server network.  (Yes, you can even calibrate your system from your cellphone’s web browser.) Here, you’ll also pair drivers and monitor battery levels of all your tracked devices.


PhaseSpace’s suite of plugins let you work with mocap data in a variety of host applications.


The industry standard for motion capture: Stream PhaseSpace data directly into MotionBuilder® 3D character animation software.

Unity 3D

Calibrate, access Rigid Bodies and Markers directly in Unity 3D: This SDK allows you to hit the ground running when crafting cutting-edge VR games and experiences. X-Bee radio integration allows for “smart prop“ communication with your multiplayer game server. So you can broadcast ammo count to your blaster game or or trigger haptic and environmental effects in your play space.

Virtual Reality Peripherals Network (VRPN)

VRPN is a library of classes in C++ developed by the University of North Carolina that provide an abstraction layer for many types of tracking devices. It is favored by many companies and universities as a method to reduce development overhead by having a common API to interface with a variety of hardware devices. VRPN opens up a new layer of compatibility with VRPN capable software, such as 3DVIA’s Virtools and WorldViz’s Vizard.

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