eSync 2

Synchronize Ethernet cameras to almost any signal or source with the eSync 2. Cameras can be in sync to sources such as a professional video Genlock signal, and can also be triggered to record from general purpose inputs and software commands.

Use the sync output signal or trigger with a DAQ for biomechanical force plate data alignment. Highly accurate frame timing can also be achieved with SMTPE Time Code for ease in editing and logging.

One eSync 2 per motion capture system is all that is needed, and all cameras align within a very precise ~+/-5µs of the input signal. The PoE Ethernet connection allows an eSync 2 to be located almost anywhere in a lab or studio, making it easy to connect with/to source signals.

With convenient output signals that can mirror most inputs, you can place the eSync 2 in the middle of an existing setup, or convert signal types for greater system flexibility.

Automatically measures and reports the frequency of signals connected to its inputs. This enables fast and easy confirmation inputs have the frequency expected.

Genlock sync in

Genlock your OptiTrack Ethernet cameras to an external video source via SD Black Burst or HD Tri-Level analog input. All modern SD and HD sync inputs are accepted for easy integration in professional studio environments. Genlock is ideal for syncing mocap data to live action media, including on-set capture, camera tracking, reference video, and head-mounted face mocap cameras.

General purpose sync in
  • Isolated – Used when the sync source is above normal logic 3.3V, or has a different ground reference. Recommended as the default input for general purpose syncing.
  • High Impedance – Three high-impedance digital inputs are available for sending sync signals from an external device to the eSync 2.
General purpose sync out

Four digital outputs are available for sending sync signals from the eSync 2 to external device

SMPTE Time Code

Stamp recorded and streamed motion tracking data with SMPTE Time Code for compositing with other media in post. Time Code support in Motive:Body includes FBX, C3D, and NatNet. Motive:Tracker support includes CSV, NatNet, and VRPN.

Plug-n-play Shutter glasses support

Generic 3D shutter glasses support is provided by offsetting the camera’s IR Strobe. Connect video cards that support a stereo output signal to the Sync In, and a shutter glasses signal generator to the Sync Out. Use the adjustable software offset to avoid interference between the mocap camera strobes and the shutter glasses.

VESA input and output connectors are provided for graphics cards and IR emitters that do not have BNC connections.

Size & Weight
  • Width: 5.47 inches (138.9 mm)
  • Height: 1.61 inches (40.9 mm)
  • Depth: 3.64 inches (92.5 mm)
  • Weight: 13 ounces (0.4 kg)
  • IEEE 802.3af-2003 PoE
  • Optionally, use the included 12V @ 0.6A power supply (US/EU-compatible) if no PoE port available
Ethernet Port
  • 1000BASE-T Ethernet
  • Cat6 Ethernet cabling (Cat5/Cat5e/etc not supported)
Status LEDs
  • Per port activity status
  • Master time
  • External lock
Recording Control
  • Start/stop trigger
    • Rising edge
    • Falling edge
  • High gated
  • Low gated
Common Sync Parameters
  • Max input freq : 50 kHz
  • Min input freq : 10 Hz
  • Divider ( 1:1 to 1:1024 )
  • Sync modes
    • Rising edge
    • Falling edge
    • Either edge
  • Sync Offset (up to one frame period)
  • Sync Rate : 30 to 360 Hz
Sync Input Sources
  • Internal Clock
  • Video Genlock
  • SMPTE Time Code
  • External digital inputs
    • Isolated
    • High Impedance (x3)
    • VESA Stereo
External Sync Input
  • Isolated
    • Electrically-isolated, (LV)TTL compatible
    • VIL (max) : 1.0V
    • VIH (min) : 3.0V
    • VIH (max) : 12V
  • High Impedance and VESA Stereo
    • VIL (max) : 0.8V
    • VIH (min) : 2V
    • VIH (max) : 3.3V
    • ZIN : 4.7Kohm
  • Time Code
    • Working Range : 1.5Vpp to 5Vpp
Sync Out Sources
  • Internal Clock
  • All external digital inputs
  • Recording active, level for duration
  • Recording active, pulse per frame
  • Recording active, start/stop pulse
  • Exposure periods
  • Polarity
    • Normal
    • Inverted
External Sync Outputs
  • Four BNC outputs, 1 VESA Stereo Output
  • LVCMOS 3.3V
  • IOH (max) : -8mA
  • IOL (max) : 8mA
In the Box
  • 1 eSync 2 Part number: OPTESY2
  • 1 12V universal power supply (US/EU-compatible)
  • 2 Mounting tabs (removable)
  • 3 BNC male to RCA female adapters
  • 4 Rubber feet
  • 4 Velcro straps
  • 1 eSync 2 quick start guide

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