3D Guidance® Sensors

Sensors Come Fully Assembled and Ready for Use

3D Guidance® sensors come in many sizes, from a larger reference sensor that consists of an 8 mm square cross-section, to a 0.56 mm diameter cylindrical sensor for use in the smallest tools. The sensors can be integrated into diverse OEM medical instruments such as ultrasound probes, catheters, epidural and biopsy needles, and more. Only 6DOF sensors are available; however, they are re-usable.

The 3D Guidance electronics unit can simultaneously track up to four sensors and supports interchangeable sensor sizes. 3D Guidance sensors come pre-wired with connectors and pre-characterized for immediate use; no assembly is required.

With the 3D Guidance solution, the sensor dictates the size of the measurement volume, whereby the larger the sensor, the larger the measurement volume. (This differs from our Aurora solution, in which the field generator determines the size of the measurement volume.) The 3D Guidance solution maintains a standard positional accuracy of 1.4 mm RMS and orientation 0.5° RMS, regardless of the sensor or transmitter that is used.

3D Guidance 6DOF Sensors
3D Guidance Model 55 Sensor

Dimensions: ø0.56 mm x 12 mm length
Cable: ø3.8 mm x 2.5 m length

The smallest diameter sensor, which embeds into very small diameter tools. This sensor has the shortest tracking range.

3D Guidance Model 90 Sensor

Dimensions: ø0.9 mm x 7.25 mm length
Cable: ø0.6 mm x 3.3 m length

The most versatile small sensor; its sub-millimetre size allows for integration with many OEM medical instruments while providing an adequate tracking range.

3D Guidance Model 130 Sensor

Dimensions: ø1.5 mm x 7.7 mm length
Cable: ø1.2 mm x 3.3 m length

The general-purpose sensor, which provides a good balance between sensor size, durability, and tracking range.

3D Guidance Model 180 Sensor

Dimensions: ø2.0 mm x 9.9 mm length
Cable: ø1.2 mm x 3.3 m length

The most cost-effective sensor, which provides the best value in terms of sensor size, tracking range, and price

3D Guidance Model 800 Sensor

Dimensions: 7.9 mm x 8 mm x 19.8 mm
Cable: ø3.8 mm x 3.3 m length

The largest, and most robust sensor, which is commonly used as a reference sensor. This sensor has the longest tracking range.

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3D Guidance
3D Guidance

The 3D Guidance® electromagnetic tracking solution delivers exceptional performance and value for OEM image-guided interventional and therapy systems and medical…

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