Do you need a motion tracker with high-speed update rates, virtually no lag time, yet small, scalable and customizable? VIPER™ is the latest iteration of electromagnetic motion trackers by Polhemus. With speeds up to 960Hz, latency as low as 1ms & smart sensing technology, Viper offers scaled-up capability in a scaled-down package. 

Users can customize the VIPER motion tracking system by choosing one of three SEU (System Electronic Unit) sizes. You decide the number of tracking sensors for your application—up to 16 per system.

Select one source or add multi-source capability to customize tracking coverage for your unique needs.  Polhemus EM (Electromagnetic) tracking gives you position and orientation tracking for sensors for people or objects – you can even embed the sensor inside your device!

Environment-friendly, Polhemus technology can track people and objects through clothes, hats, gloves, and even walls–daylight, low light, and even no light–Polhemus EM makes the difference! And our latest tracker, VIPER, takes EM tracking to the next level with its performance, accuracy, and feature capability.

  • Ultra-Fast Update Rate. Up to 960 Hz
  • Ultimate Accuracy 
  • Latency as Low as 1 Millisecond
  • Up to 16 Sensors Per System
  • Scalable—Add Sources to Increase Coverage Area
  • Small, Lightweight, Portable SEU
  • FTT®—(Fly True Technology) Means Smart Sensing Distortion Mitigation Technology
    Once toggled on, this feature compensates for distortion, if needed, on-the-fly, to ensure high-fidelity tracking in even the most challenging environments.
  • Medical Simulation
  • Clinical Applications
  • Biomechanics & Sports Analysis
  • Head Tracking
  • Automotive Applications
  • Robotics Tracking
  • Manufacturing Environments

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