High-End Gloves for Robotics, Animation, Virtual Reality, Medical and Bio-mechanics Research

7, 13 & 16-Sensor Models

Can be used inside cloth gloves like other gloves in the market

.. or customised with sensors taped straight on the fingers for ultimate accuracy.

  • Detachable electronics; change sizes, change sides, in minutes
  • Timestamp sync for 3rd party hardware (Vicon, Optitrack, X-sens)
  • User-set interpolation values for ANY of the 27 hands bones (individual axes)
  • Instant calibration (configurable calibration poses)
  • Pinkie and ring metacarpal sensors (Palm Flex)
  • Saved Data includes un-fused motion AND modifiable skeleton structures
  • Modify skeleton files after recording, reprocess and export new data
  • Create accurate hand skeletons using an office scanner
  • Proprietary calibration Jigs for critical or fool-proof calibration
  • First choice for high-end bio-mechanics, robotics and animation applications
  • Hot-swap power source transfer
  • Occlusion free
7-Sensor  Gloves

User-configured interpolation for all the phalanges, except 7 which have their own sensors. Cobra lets the user scale ALL interpolations, each axis independently and save it to a ‘Skeleton File’ for later.

13-Sensor  Gloves

These models only leave the finger tips (distal phalanges) for interpolation.  The 13-Sensor glove is an all-rounder, satisfying most applications, except when the fingertips are forced back (holding a pencil to write with).

16-Sensor  Gloves

Fingertips have their own sensors, except for the pinkie fingertip. Most accurate, professional beast in the market.

Palm Flex Sensors​​​

13 and 16-sensor gloves include a palm-flex sensor for greater accuracy.

Sync with Optical Rigs​
  • Manage up to four pairs of gloves per PC
  • Trigger Start/Stop from Shogun/Motive
  • Auto save and pre-session naming 
  • Time-stamped files
AiQS Calibration ​Jigs
  • Design your own calibration Jig
  • Use jigs for repeatable results
  • Modify skeleton around the jig
Smart Calibration Pipeline
  • Design your own calibration procedure
  • 2-step Calibration in 4 to 5 seconds
  • Switch procedure in seconds
Phalanx Length Measurement​
  • Use an ordinary scanner
  • Export A4 size scan file in .png
  • Load touch up with Drag & Drop feature

More Information
13-Sensor Cobra Gloves with Vive Pucks


Matchless motion capture – Affordable accuracy – Peerless precisionExo-Glove is the most accurate, fast installing, next level choice for data…

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