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Desktop 3D

The Desktop 3D is a 6D haptic interface, which means it allows movements on all degrees-of-freedom, in other words both…

Desktop 6D

The Desktop 6D is simply one of the best fully active haptic device in a Desktop size. It provides 6 active degrees of…


The omega.x family of haptic devices combine performance and design into one of the most accomplished and modular haptic interfaces…

Phantom Premium

With ranges of motion approximating hand movement pivoting at the wrist or elbow, the Phantom Premium can fulfill the requirements…


The Scale1 is a motorized platform which allows to extend the workspace of a Virtuose 6D RV orTAO haptic device….


The Touch™ is a mid-range, professional haptic device used in research, 3D modeling and OEM applications…

Virtuose 3D RV

The Virtuose 3D RV is a 6D haptic device, which means it allows movements in all degrees-of-freedom, in other words…

Virtuose 6D TAO

The Virtuose 6D TAO is a derived version of the Virtuose 6D RV haptic device, adapted specifically for the robotic…


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