Desktop 3D

The Desktop 3D is a 6D haptic interface, which means it allows movements on all degrees-of-freedom, in other words both…

Desktop 6D

The Desktop 6D is simply one of the best fully active haptic device in a Desktop size. It provides 6 active degrees of…


The Scale1 is a motorized platform which allows to extend the workspace of a Virtuose 6D RV orTAO haptic device….

Virtuose 3D RV

The Virtuose 3D RV is a 6D haptic device, which means it allows movements in all degrees-of-freedom, in other words…

Virtuose 6D TAO

The Virtuose 6D TAO is a derived version of the Virtuose 6D RV haptic device, adapted specifically for the robotic…


IPSI for V6

Based on Haption’s physics engine IPSITM, IV6 “IPSI for V6” is a CAAV6 plugin for 3D ExperienceTM dedicated to interactive…


IPSITM SDK (Interactive Physics Simulation Interface) is a software library for rigid-body physics simulation with force-feedback developed by Haption in…

Virtuose API

The VirtuoseAPI is a low-level driver, giving access to the functionalities embedded in Haption’s haptic devices….


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