The Cyber-I SXGA Bi-ocular by Cybermind was the first high resolution (SXGA) optical see-through HMD to be commerically available for Augmented Reality applications. It offers direct 3D image and stereo camera support from most PC’s and is compatible with HMDI out for laptopps, smartphones and tablets. It is the ultimate optical see-through solution for handsfree applications.

Cyber-I Bi-ocular Specifications:
Active area:0,88inch
Color depth:24 bits
Contrast ratio:300:1
Resolution:SXGA (1280×1024), about 1.3 million pixels x RGB
Micro Display:FLCOS, reflecting, single plate type
Focal length:280mm
Field of View:50 deg [39deg(H) x 31.25deg(V)]
Input power:80-240ac 50-60Hz
Light source:LED (Red, Green, Blue)
Pixel pitch:13,62 ㎛

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