Haptic Workstation

The Haptic Workstation is a ground-breaking 3D haptics innovation from CyberGlove Systems. The Haptic Workstation is a fully integrated simulation system providing right and left whole-hand haptic feedback, immersive 3D viewing, and easy-to-use CAD model manipulation and interaction software. Using the Haptic Workstation, you can “feel” what it’s like to sit inside your car design and “hang” both hands on a graphical steering wheel before building a costly prototype.

  • Right-hand and left-hand CyberForce systems, customized to operate over your shoulder.
  • Support structure with vertical adjustability for sitting and standing applications.
  • Head-mounted display with head tracker for immersive 3D viewing. Also can work in a CAVE or other projection screen viewing environment.
  • VirtualHand interaction software that loads 3D CAD models for immediate intuitive manipulation.
  • 3D simulation computer.
  • Electrically adjustable automobile seat.

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The CyberForce system is an option designed to work with the CyberGrasp exoskeleton, the award-winning, lightweight, force-reflecting system that fits…

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