The Dikablis Glasses 3 provides binocular eye tracking with high measurement accuracy and standardized calculation of metrics. It comes in a form factor that ensures a snug and comfortable fit, even over glasses. The Dikablis Glasses 3 is the ideal solution for studying human behavior in highly dynamic application areas. Powered by the D-Lab measurement and analysis platform, it is possible to collect and analyze gaze data in a variety of ways and with multiple data sources synchronously.

The futuristic design, wide range of available settings, transmission of all raw data, and high-precision eye-tracking are some features that make the Dikablis Glasses 3 an essential tool for eye tracking studies in research and development.

  • Fully integrated into the D-Lab measurement and analysis platform
  • NEW: Index of Cognitive Activity (ICA) for measuring cognitive workload
  • Comfortable, non-slip fit
  • Absolute freedom of movement for highly dynamic applications
  • Ideal for people who wear glasses
  • Independent adjustment of the scene and eye cameras
  • Live eye tracking

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D-Lab, the measurement and analysis software for user and behavior studies gives users the option of recording large amounts of…

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