NatNet SDK


A client/server networking SDK for streaming motion tracking data across networks.

NatNet’s client/server architecture allows client applications to run on the same system as the tracking software (Motive), on separate system(s), or both. The SDK integrates seamlessly with standard APIs (C/C++/.NET), tools (Microsoft Visual Studio) and protocols (UDP/Unicast/Multicast). Using the NatNet SDK, developers can quickly integrate OptiTrack motion tracking data into new and existing applications, including custom plugins to third-party applications and engines for real-time streaming.

SDK Contents
NatNet Library

Native C++ networking library [headers, static library (.lib) and dynamic import library (.lib/.dll)]

NatNet Assembly

Managed .NET assembly (NatNetML.dll) for use in .NET compatible clients.

NatNet Samples

Sample projects and executables designed to be quickly integrated into your own code.

MatNet interface to MATLAB

.NET interface and sample program (MatNet.m) for live streaming markers, rigid bodies, or skeletons. The MatNet sample program works directly with MATLAB core, requiring no additional MATLAB modules.

API Structure

A class for communicating with a NatNet Server (Motive).

NatNet Data Types

Structures encapsulating data encoded in NatNet packets.

NatNet Assembly

A managed (.NET) class library that can be called by .NET components. The NatNet assembly wraps the underlying native NatNet library, exposing the NatNetClient and NatNet Data Types for use in .NET compatible environments (e.g. VB.NET, C#, MatLab).

Data Types
Marker Set Data

A named collection of identified markers and their positions (X,Y,Z).

Rigid Body Data

A named segment with a unique ID, position, and orientation data, and the collection of identified markers used to define it.

Skeleton Data

A named, hierarchical collection of rigid bodies.

Force Plate Data

Rebroadcast force and moment data.

Device Data

Rebroadcast data from analog devices such as DAQ devices.

Camera SDK
Camera SDK

Full camera control, access to 2D object data, camera syncronization, and comprehensive vector tracking – a complete assortment of tools…

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