3D Digitizer & Scanner


FastSCAN II is a handheld, lightweight, laser scanner that produces scans instantly—with an ultra-portable system bundled in a compact case….


Polhemus is the gold standard for digitizing products in the market. Their digitizers are easy-to-use with systems that allow you…

Data Gloves

PN Studio Gloves

Perception Neuron Studio Gloves expand the full possibilities of your Perception Neuron Studio motion capture system….

Haptic Workstation

The Haptic Workstation is a fully integrated simulation system providing right and left whole-hand haptic feedback, immersive 3D viewing, and…


Matchless motion capture – Affordable accuracy – Peerless precisionExo-Glove is the most accurate, fast installing, next level choice for data…

CyberTouch II

This new deviation of the CyberTouch product line incorporates vibrotactile sensors into the inside of the fingertips….


The CyberTouch system is a tactile feedback option for CyberGlove Systems’s wired CyberGlove instrumented glove. It features small vibrotactile stimulators…


The CyberGrasp system is an innovative force feedback system for your fingers and hand. It lets you “reach into your…

CyberGlove III

The MoCap Glove takes what the original CyberGlove products have established with 20 years of experience, producing improved and new…

CyberGlove II

The new wireless CyberGlove II motion capture data glove is fully instrumented with up to 22 high-accuracy joint-angle measurements. It…


The CyberForce system is an option designed to work with the CyberGrasp exoskeleton, the award-winning, lightweight, force-reflecting system that fits…


COBRA GLOVES – High-End Gloves for Robotics, Animation, Virtual Reality, Medical and Bio-mechanics Research…

Eye Tracking

Gazesense SDK

Eyeware GazeSense is an eye tracker SDK that enables head pose and eye gaze tracking using regular webcams or commercial…


The Dikablis Glasses 3 provides binocular eye tracking with high measurement accuracy and standardized calculation of metrics. It comes in…

Haptic Feedback

Virtuose 6D TAO

The Virtuose 6D TAO is a derived version of the Virtuose 6D RV haptic device, adapted specifically for the robotic…

Virtuose 3D RV

The Virtuose 3D RV is a 6D haptic device, which means it allows movements in all degrees-of-freedom, in other words…


The Touch™ is a mid-range, professional haptic device used in research, 3D modeling and OEM applications…


The Scale1 is a motorized platform which allows to extend the workspace of a Virtuose 6D RV orTAO haptic device….

Phantom Premium

With ranges of motion approximating hand movement pivoting at the wrist or elbow, the Phantom Premium can fulfill the requirements…


The omega.x family of haptic devices combine performance and design into one of the most accomplished and modular haptic interfaces…

Desktop 6D

The Desktop 6D is simply one of the best fully active haptic device in a Desktop size. It provides 6 active degrees of…

Desktop 3D

The Desktop 3D is a 6D haptic interface, which means it allows movements on all degrees-of-freedom, in other words both…

Head Mounted Displays

XTAL 3 Mixed Reality

The most advanced pilot dedicated mixed reality headset with the highest fidelity, market-leading 180° field of view, and 8K resolution….


The Visette45 series by Cybermind is known as the first affordable solution in the professional Head Mounted Display market….


The SXGA.62 HMD is a specialized product designed for Virtual Reality(VR) applications….


The SXGA61-S HMD is a specialized product designed for Virtual Reality (VR) applications….


The SXGA61-3D HMD is a specialized product designed for Virtual Reality (VR) applications….


STORMCLOUD is (probably) the most advanced Simulated Enhanced Helmet Mounted Sight Display (eHMSD) in the world and developed by Cinoptics in…


The Scout 35 is a robust professional hand-held display designed for cost-sensitive, high-fidelity training and simulation….

Ranger 35 | 47

NVIS Ranger Virtual Binocular Display with dual SXGA OLED microdisplays, adjustable focus, up to 47 degree diagonal FOV, central hinge…

nVisor ST50

The nVisor ST50 offers virtual and augmented reality developers and users a high-fidelity head-mounted display with unprecedented visual clarity and…


The LOC.31 monocular optical see-through HMD is a specialized product designed for Augmented Reality (AR) applications….


Cinoptics full colour IRIS Virtual Microscope provides imaging for medical simulations and training applications. The high-quality electronics and optics of…


The Simulated Night Vision Goggles have been developed for standard (monochrome) & enhanced (full colour) night vision training applications….

CYBER-I Monocular

Cyber-I SXGA Monocular HMD is the first high resolution Optical See-Through Headset with a fixed camera option and 50 degrees…


The Cyber-I SXGA Bi-ocular by Cybermind was the first high resolution (SXGA) optical see-through HMD to be commerically available for…


Cinoptics introduces COBALT, a fully immersive VR Head Mounted Display. This OLED based HMD offers an amazing 60 degrees Field…


The ARS.31 binocular optical see-through HMD is a specialized product designed for Augmented Reality (AR) applications….


ARGON is Cinoptics’ Simulated Virtual Binocular for professional Virtual Reality applications. ARGON handles variable inputs in a fast and convenient…


ARGON is Cinoptics’ Simulated Virtual Binocular for professional Virtual Reality applications. ARGON handles variable inputs in a fast and convenient…


The lightweight AIRO II Optical See Through Smart Glasses combines a high resolution OLED display with a wide field of…


The AIRO Helm, Augmented Reality Helmet Mounted Display, offers high resolution image quality (1280 x 1024) and the highest quality optical see-through solution with a…


The lightweight AIRO SXGA HMD (Head Mounted Display) is a 3D optical see-through solution with a wide field of view (50…

Motion Tracking


Do you need a motion tracker with high-speed update rates, virtually no lag time, yet small, scalable and customizable?…


Multiple cameras, ultra portable, plug-n-play, Filter Switcher, bundled software, and more—a self-contained tracking system….


Multiple cameras, ultra portable, plug-n-play, Filter Switcher, bundled software, and more—a self-contained tracking system….


TRACKPACK/E camera is ART’s best solution for medium-sized tracking volumes with a respectable frustum volume of 60m³….


Two tracking cameras and the controller are fully integrated in one housing. When delivered, SMARTTRACK3 is pre-calibrated and may be used immediately. This and its…

SlimX 13

Active tracking perfected. Featuring a discreet profile and black matte finish, it excels in VR, AR, and drone tracking applications….

Slim 3U

Multiple configurations, 120 FPS imaging, and on-board processing—a variety of vision tools bundled into one camera….

PST Pico

The PST Pico is the smallest member of the PST tracking family. With a size of about a pair of…


The PST Iris HD is the premium version of the PST Iris optical tracker. It is equipped with 2 HD…

PST Iris

The PST Iris series has the largest tracking range of the PST tracking family. PST Iris is the ideal solution…


The PST Base HD is specially designed to track in desktop or simulator setup with high precision….

PST Base

With a base line of just 20 cm and minimal tracking distance of only 20 cm, the PST Base series…

PrimeX 41

Industry-leading precision. The most precise large scale 3D measurement system in the world was built with Prime 41 technology. Primex…

PrimeX 22

The perfect blend of range, speed, and FOV. Edge-to-edge coverage across any capture area while delivering stunning camera-to-marker range and…

PrimeX 13W

High speed, precise tracking for medium-sized areas. The next generation of the most widely used camera in motion tracking history….

PrimeX 13

High speed, precise tracking for medium-sized areas. The next generation of the most widely used camera in motion tracking history….

Prime Color

Motion capture has never looked better. The Prime Color is fully image and color corrected to deliver a pristine reference…


Feel true freedom of movement in VR – walking, running, crouching, turning, gesturing – all with the PPT high-precision virtual…

Perception Neuron Studio

Perception Neuron Studio boasts industry-leading sensor technology and revolutionary sensor algorithms, giving users limitless potential to take their motion capture…


If your application calls for full 6DOF wireless tracking, PATRIOT™ WIRELESS provides consistent, high-quality tracking while being completely untethered….


PATRIOT M is the two-sensor, cost efficient motion tracking solution preferred by professionals who require products tested to IEC 60601-1…


The PATRIOT is the trusted choice to power training simulators for welding, spray painting, and ultrasound trainers—to name just a…


The Inertial Labs OS3DM is a multi-purpose sub-miniature 3D orientation sensor designed for use in realtime orientation tracking applications….


The LIBERTY™ LATUS™ (Large Area Tracking Untethered System) provides the perfect solution for tracking applications that require coverage over a…


High speed. Industry leading accuracy. And scalable? That’s right. At 240 updates per second, LIBERTY continues to impress, delivering full…


Based on InterSense’s patented inertial-ultrasonic hybrid tracking technology, the IS-900 system is immune to metallic interference, while offering smooth, robust…


The 4th generation InertiaCube4 is the industry’s leading 3-Degrees of Freedom (DOF) MEMS-based inertial technology, utilizing advanced Kalman filtering algorithms…

Impulse X2E

The Impulse X2E Real-Time Intelligent Active Marker System is unrivaled in speed, precision, and flexibility….


The premium and customisable 17-sensor Motion Capture system that can be extended with the Cobra Gloves for a complete, detailed,…


G4 is a wireless motion tracking system that delivers full 6DOF tracking, providing both position and orientation without hybrid technologies….

Flex 3

100 FPS marker tracking, MJPEG, on-camera processing, and USB I/O – turn-key motion capture at accessible pricing….

Flex 13

With an impressive 1.3 million pixels of resolution, 120 FPS sample rate, and an immense 56° field of view, the…


FASTRAK® set the gold standard in motion tracking years ago, and remains a top seller today. This award-winning tracker is…


ART is well known for adaptions to users’ requirements. Regarding ARTTRACK6/M the need for a small and powerful camera that…


ARTTRACK5 is the next generation of the ARTTRACK camera family, the standard for immersive 3D applications in industry and research….

3D Guidance

The 3D Guidance® electromagnetic tracking solution delivers exceptional performance and value for OEM image-guided interventional and therapy systems and medical…

Projection Systems


The Worldviz Projection VR systems create striking visualizations via low-footprint 3D ultra-short throw projectors, transforming your space into a nearly…

Projection Domes

Projection domes by Immersive Display are designed and manufactured in the UK. This page showcases our standard domes but all…

ImmersaVu 320

Immersive Display presents the latest product in a range of visual display environments, the immersaVu™ 320….

ImmersaVu 200

The ImmersaVu Desktop dome is a GRP panadome screen that features 4K visuals and reflective optics to achieve high-fidelity projected…

ImmersaSim 270

The new ImmersaSim 270 provides a powerful yet portable display solution truly unique in the sim racing and flying sectors….

Cobra150 Venom

Optimised for single users the Cobra150 Venom® is a low cost, high quality, portable immersive display solution….


X105 RF

XPAND 3D Glasses are designed to have a light, stylish and ergonomic frame to ensure comfortable wear for everyone….

X105 IR

XPAND 3D Glasses are designed to have a light, stylish and ergonomic frame to ensure comfortable wear for everyone….

Eyes3Shut 3D PRO

E3S is a French company specializing in Active 3D technology for cinema and for professional markets (virtual reality, simulation)….

Active Emitters

XPANDVISION AE125-RF and AE125H IR emitter systems generate the radio frequency and infrared signal that synchronizes active XPANDVISION 3D glasses…

Software Tools


Vizard makes it easy to build immersive, interactive VR applications that solve your real-world research and business challenges….

STT InSight

InSight is a complete, real-time scientific and clinical 3D human motion analysis solution. Developed in collaboration with STT Systems, it…


This simple yet powerful extension to the Vizard software allows you to create virtual reality eye tracking experiments and harness…


D-Lab, the measurement and analysis software for user and behavior studies gives users the option of recording large amounts of…



Suits, Beanies, Foot Wraps and Gloves for use with the X-Base Markers….


Targets consists of several markers (minimum 4), and will give the 6DOF (degrees of freedom). Here also, we distinguish between…

Studio Transceiver

Perception Neuron Transceivers can build a mesh network. A single transceiver covers 8-10m radius. By adding an additional unit, you…


The SMD.7 Control Unit is a mobile computer system, optimized for the usage with TRIVISIO headmounted displays (HMDs)….


Cinoptics has developed the SKYE, a USB 3.0 Camera Module. The compact 5 megapixel Camera Module can be integrated in…


PowerTRAK 360 is a powerful 3D handheld mouse that comes equipped with a user-defined button pack for maximum flexibility….

OptiHub 2

Improve power regulation, camera syncing, tracking distance, interoperability, and more….


Motion Capture (“mocap”) is the technique of digitizing the movement of people, animals or objects. In the case of the…

Micro Sensors

The Micro Sensor 1.8™ is one of the latest breakthroughs from Polhemus, the leaders in motion measurement innovation….


The ART Measurement Tool is a pointing device for measurement applications. In this specialized field it is very important to…


Both active and passive markers will give the 3DOF (3 degrees of freedom), and can be either spherical or flat….

Insight VCS

A professional virtual camera system that replicates the organic cinematographer’s experience with exceptional fidelity….


2+ is more than 2, and also more than 3! ART has improved their bestseller for interaction Flystick2 with sophisticated…


The Fingertracking device is an add-on to the ART tracking system, which allows you to track the orientation of the…

Compression Suits

The Perception Neuron compression Mocap Suit is the ideal accessory that brings comfort and convenience to your mocap sessions….


The ART Controller is available in a single variant for the housing and it is rack-mountable (19″ housing)….


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