PST Software Suite 5

Software for the PST optical trackers

PS-tech’s PST Software Suite 5 is the control center for your PST optical tracker. The PST Software Suite 5 is used to communicate between a PC and your PST. The PST is connected to the PC using USB. The PST Software Suite 5 enables the distribution of tracking data to other applications using various channels such as a native C++ API or an ethernet connection. The PST Software Suite 5 gives you access to one or multiple optical trackers*.

Key Features
  • Direct interaction using the PST Client application
  • Direct integration into your own application, no need for the PST Client application
    • Native C++ API for full integration
    • REST server offering HTTP access to the PST
  • Using other protocols such as TrackD and VRPN
  • The Classic PST SDK that requires the PST Client application
  • Full Windows and Linux support*
PST Client

The PST Client application offers a graphical (GUI) front-end for interacting with the PST optical tracker.

Functionality available in the PST Client :

  • Easy access to PST optical trackers on the PC to which they are connected
  • Optimize parameters of the tracking environment (e.g. filters illumination settings, frame rates)
  • Easy creation, modification and management of tracking targets
  • Import and export tracking target models
  • Fast alignment of multi PST setups* (single PST setups do not need alignment)
  • One click origin definition

The PST Software Suite 5 introduces a new PST SDK that enables full integration of PST optical tracking systems into your own application. The PST SDK offers direct access to your PST and enables you to get images and tracking data into your application. It also allows you to set various PST parameters directly from within your application without the need of having the PST Client in between.

*Available for selected PST systems

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